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Finance is an issue that concerns us all, but unfortunately we rarely give it the importance it requires. From such simple questions as knowing what percentage of our salary we spend on transportation or meals, to more complex issues such as choosing the best financing or ideal investment method, all this influences the state of our personal finances.

Personal finances

Personal finances

Precisely, in order to bring these issues to the population of the entire country next October, the Good Finance Education Week will be held. The eleventh edition of GFEW, organized by the Good Finance Users, will address issues related to personal finances every year.

Take your personal finances responsibly

Take your personal finances responsibly

Although this event seeks that consumers of financial products and services know their operation to give them a better use, the GFEW is also aimed at children and young people. This is about the entire Mexican population, from an early age, have information on savings, credit and insurance, among others, so that you can make better decisions and take your personal finances responsibly.

Through various dynamics, GFEW assistants will be able to familiarize themselves with the most important financial concepts to better manage their income, know their rights and obligations as financial consumers, and optimize the use of such services to avoid falling into unnecessary debts. Some of the activities you will find in the Good Finance Education Week are:

  • Conferences: experts in financial matters will talk about budgets, pensions, investment, savings, credit, and share recommendations to get more out of your money.
  • Workshops: through practical applications children and adults will learn the importance of some topics such as savings, forecasting, investment, etc.
  • Dynamics: attendees can develop their economic skills through virtual reality activities, crafts, videos, among others.
  • Games: thanks to recreational activities and educational games, people will learn the basics of personal finance.

Because it is a national event, all the states in the country will carry out activities within the framework of the GFEW. Some of the conferences and workshops will take place in schools and universities. We suggest you check your entity’s schedule for schedules and locations.

Better manage your personal finances

Do not miss the opportunity to learn to better manage your personal finances and participate in the eleventh GFEW from October 1 to 7, 2018. Visit the micro site of the Good Finance Education Week to learn about all the programming and go with your whole family to the activities that interest you. Remember that access is free and you do not have to pay to participate in any of the events.

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