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In recent years we have seen the real estate offer increase, in parallel the Mivivienda Fund program has been very active supporting that sector of the market that was not very attractive for banking.
Currently, the Mivivienda fund has launched a new product that covers a new sector of the population and provides an important benefit. First, let’s explain the benefit that it gives us, unlike the first program that gives us a bonus for a good payer, Gertelasos Plus gives us the benefit of being able to have a grace period in a situation such as a disease, the loss of employment or some emergency. This benefit is the possibility of deferring the payment of the installments up to 9 times in the entire loan and can be a maximum of 5 consecutive months.

The target audience of this program is aimed at those families who already bought their first home and see the need to move to a larger one for various reasons, the main one is because “the house was small” or because they see the possibility of acquiring a home With better features.
It is not necessary to have concluded with a previous mortgage loan, the property can be sold to access this program. Nor are those people who have previously benefited from any state program excluded.

What is the price of the houses that I can access?

house with money cash

The main one is the possibility of obtaining a slip of some quotas due to a force majeure event, such as the loss of employment, a disease, among others; In this sliding period, the installments will be deferred at the end of the financing and does not generate a surcharge in the balance for that period that is not being paid. This provides the peace of mind of having a type of insurance that protects our investment against a period of economic uncertainty.

Among other benefits that we can find in this alternative we can see the following:
The agreed monthly payment is fixed and is maintained during the period of the operation.
Advance payments or prepayments can be made without any penalty on benefits, unlike the New Mivivienda Credit program.

How can the program be accessed?

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To access this financing option it is necessary to approach a financial institution that offers the program, currently only EDPYME miCasita Hipotecaria has it as an alternative; other entities are expected to have the product in the near future.
The entity must indicate that you want to finance a property with this program, complying with the requirements it requires and locate the property you want.

What are the general requirements?

  • Be of legal age, married or single.
  • To be qualified by a Financial Entity through which we will lend you what you need. Check that Banks or Savings Banks can rate you here.
  • Not owning another home nationwide, neither can your spouse, legally recognized partner, or your minor children. If you currently have a property, it must be sold to access the program.


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