Is financing a property before marriage the best option?

The folk wisdom says, whoever wants home wants home. In fact, marriage represents the union of a new family and, consequently, the creation of a new home. In this sense, the need to organize a space to follow up on the couple’s plans is an almost natural movement, don’t you agree? The detail is that financial health is not always in line with these expectations. This is where funding comes into the lives of most newlyweds. But is financing a property before marriage really the best option? Here’s how to make a good deal for your future!


Planning for the new life

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The transition from single to married life brings new commitments that require a lot of planning from the couple. In this context, what was previously seen in an individualized way becomes a matter of interest to both. For this to happen, information sharing and a commitment to transparency are essential.

Among the urgent investments is, of course, the purchase of home ownership. Therefore, as soon as the couple recognize that the time has come to put their toothbrushes together, anticipating financing that will enable them to purchase housing becomes opportune. It is therefore necessary to draw up a plan involving the analysis of all possibilities, as well as budgets and other details that may interfere with the realization of this dream.

Remember: marriage is synonymous with happiness but also with spending! Trousseau, party , honeymoon , furniture and more: the numbers can scare a little. Taking all this into account, the couple who choose to anticipate the financing of the property need to plan to be able to reconcile the wedding expenses with the portions of their home.


Possibility of purchase in the plant

A couple opting for pre-marriage real estate financing can plan to buy an apartment still on the floor or under construction, as long as the expected delivery date approaches the time of the wedding. Incidentally, it is good to count for at least 6 months more to cover any unforeseen with the work.

And believe me, this is a choice that often facilitates acquisition. After all, the installments of properties under construction or under construction tend to be easier to pay because at least the beginning is managed by the construction company itself, financing only the outstanding balance. As a result, this option becomes viable for many couples.

But beware: if the delivery of the new home does not coincide with the marriage period, you may need to leave for a provisional rent. And this is how the couple includes one more unforeseen expense in their budget. In this scenario, it may be the case to rethink the acquisition of this property.


Acquisition of property ready

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To avoid risk, the most interesting option is the purchase of a new property, ready to be occupied. In this way, the newlyweds will be assured that as soon as the marriage is completed, access to housing will be immediate. Save on budget by waiving rent: This is a great goal to start a new life, don’t you think? If it smells like new then even better!

The problem is that, although this is an interesting alternative, it is necessary to consider that new properties cost more compared to those under construction even used ones . In any case, even if the ones used are more affordable, the couple must note if there is a need for repairs or renovations , which means an additional cost to be computed.


Investment in equity

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One thing is certain: the money that is spent on rent will never be recovered. On the other hand, the money that is destined to repay the installments of a mortgage will be converted into a solid equity , representing a very significant achievement of the couple. Not to mention that the beginning of a life to 2 is much more enjoyable occupying a property of their own than dealing with a lease.


Income Composition

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Even without being married, the couple can already jointly assume the financing of the property with the bank. Thus, both may make up the income required by the financial institution to release the credit, and may also use their FGTS balances as part of the payment. As a result, the financed portion may be smaller, greatly facilitating the acquisition process.

This means that, considering this aspect of income composition, the option to finance the property even before marriage finds no legal impediment. For these and other reasons, it may be a good outlet for new couples!


Accrued Interest

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Before or after marriage, the couple needs to consider the high interest rates charged by banks, a factor of extreme relevance for those who buy a mortgage. These rates vary according to the type of financing, whether by the Housing Finance System (SFH), the Real Estate Finance System (SFI ) or otherwise , as well as by the bank where the loan is taken.

Anyway, whatever the bank financing alternative chosen and whichever institution you choose, interest rates are high, making the final price of the property very expensive. If the couple chooses to purchase a property on the plant or under construction, they should also consider the variation of the National Index of Construction (INCC) during the construction phase. It is the INCC that, most of the time, readjust the installments in this business mode.


Real Estate Consortium

Real Estate Credit

A great alternative to bank financing that can also be considered before marriage is the real estate pool . Since there is no interest on the consortium installments, the final cost of the house or apartment acquired through this system is lower than it would be if the payment was made with money borrowed by the bank.

The fact is, considering any alternative to financing the purchase of the property, making this commitment before marriage can be an excellent solution for the couple. Just keep in mind that none of the alternatives presented exclude the need for planning. So it’s good to keep an eye out for opportunities that fit the couple’s pocket better!

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