10 things we love about the Harley-Davidson Pan America

Harleys are some of the most popular motorcycles in the world, and the American brand has a reputation for building some of the best motorcycles that grace our streets and highways. The first Harley of 1903 was practically a bicycle with a motor, and they’ve been making iconic motorcycles with their famous screaming V-twin engines ever since. But Harley-Davidson hadn’t ventured into the adventure tourism segment in nearly 120 years of existence. They produced an all-electric motorcycle, the Livewire, before giving their loyal funbase a purpose-built ADV. But the wait is over and Harley has a new entry in the ever-evolving bike category with the Pan America 1250.

Harley describes the Pan America as “a two-wheeled multi-tool built to last, designed to explore and designed for adventure.” It shows they have confidence in their new product, although it’s too early to get cocky in a genre dominated by the almighty BMW 1250GS. We doubt they want their baby over a bike with more than four decades of excellence on its resume. That the comparisons are coming is a flattering compliment, even if it leaves a lot to prove, and we think the Harley-Davidson Pan America has enough in its locker to earn the respect of its peers. Here’s why we love Pan America.

ten A different breed of Harley

There hasn’t been a Harley like Pan America before. Harleys are synonymous with stylish cruisers and street hooligans. But this time they tore up the design rulebook and brought us their very first adventure touring bike. This is a new generation of rugged Harleys sporting the spirit of iconic American off-road vehicles.

The Pan America comes with many “I’ve never seen this on a Harley before” features, from the new engine, which acts as a structural element, to the large color touchscreen displaying riding data and GPS maps in place. of the traditional rounded speedometer and tachometer.

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9 A new liquid-cooled V-twin

The V-twin engine configuration is one of the few features that remains true to the brand’s DNA in the Pan America. But it’s liquid-cooled, a feature only a handful of their bikes come with after its introduction in 2014. The Revolution Max-designated powertrain pushes 150 ponies and 94 lb-ft of torque.

The engine is incredibly flexible and forgiving, with independent variable valve timing widening the overall powerband and improving torque handling. Power is hearty, yet the bike has good manners.

8 Loaded with premium features

The HD Pan America has many premium features to maintain control and comfort in the toughest environments. It is built from the ground up based on endurance, exploration and adventure. The special version gets the electronics setup, including advanced technology, electric throttle, traction control, ABS and drag torque slip control.

Additionally, it comes with multiple ride modes, including Comfort, Balance, Sport, Off-Road Soft, and Off-Road Firm, all of which adjust power output and throttle response with a simple press of the button. a button, making it accessible to both experienced and beginner riders.

seven Comfort and control in harsh environments

The Pan America comes with semi-active suspension, which includes front and rear suspension electronically adjustable by SHOWA using data from sensors on the bike. The suspension automatically controls damping based on driving conditions and activity.

Additionally, a Progressive System links the rear suspension to the swingarm and frame, providing a progressive feel throughout the stroke, maintaining a comfortable ride on the road and a high level of comfort and control in tough conditions. Another system, Vehicle Load Control, senses the total weight of occupants and luggage and selects the optimum suspension sag by adjusting rear preload accordingly.

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6 Highly refined

The HD Pan America feels very refined, capable and intuitive in every detail. From the responsiveness of the Max powertrain to the low vibration even at full throttle and the muffled roar on the usually high decibel exhaust.

The chassis electronics are also among the best in class and indicate that Harley took their time in refining the Pan America.

5 Adaptive ride height

Adaptive ride height is arguably Harley’s killer hook feature. It tries to solve one of the biggest problems with traditional ADV bikes. They are often large and heavily laden by nature, making them tippy when you pull over. This is a big problem, especially for smaller riders. The Adaptive Ride Height seeks to solve this problem by offering three height options, quickly adjustable without the need for tools.

Plus, the ARH feature lowers the bike two inches every time you come to a stop. Optional tall or short seat options to help you adjust seat height add bike accessibility for riders under 5’8″.

4 Neutral Stable Riding

Harley also jumped on the increasingly common idea of ​​having the engine as the main structural element instead of bolting to the frame. The result is a stiff and sturdy chassis that translates into neutral and stable handling.

In dirt conditions, the Harley-Davidson Pan America feels confident and planted and is well balanced and controllable at low speeds.

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3 End of single font

Upon its release, the HD Pan America received mixed reactions towards its style. The front end is as divisive as the massive new kidneys of new BMW cars. But it is unique and has never appeared on any bike before, which makes it stand out from the crowd.

The front end was inspired by the Road Glide’s shark-nose fairing with headlights similar to those of the Fat Bob. Plus, it lacks the prominent beak or tall front fender that you traditionally find on many ADVs.

2 Harley-Davidson Pan America Special (GI Enthusiast Collection)

With the launch of the Enthusiast Collection initiative, Harley aims to celebrate the diversity of the Harley-Davidson community in an annual series of special limited-edition bikes based on existing models that pay tribute to its loyal customers.

The Pan America 1250 Special and Tri Glide Ultra receive the 2022 GI Enthusiast Collection to honor members of the Harley community who have served and continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces. They are wrapped in stunning Mineral Green Denim Deluxe paint with military livery and are a modern take on wartime military motorcycles.

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1 An adventure bike worthy of the first test

Harley’s new big boy faces high expectations as he enters a highly competitive segment with capable rivals. The BMW R1250GS has a long pedigree being a descendant of excellent adventure tourers produced over four decades. Other rivals like the Triumph Tiger 1200 and Ducati Multistrada bring cutting-edge innovation to contend with BMW’s heritage.

However, the Panamerican proves to be a formidable opponent on her first try. The rich selection of optional accessories makes it a versatile motorcycle capable of taking on anyone on the market.

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