8 Indian motorcycles we would ride a Harley on every day

Harleys are cool, but Indian motorcycles were the first to establish their grip in the United States, with a rich heritage and an incredible lineup of badass cruisers.

There is no doubt that Harley davidson is a symbol of Americana. Yet the Indian sometimes runs past the guru in his own game. On that note, let’s see 8 Indian motorcycles that we would ride on a Harley any day.

In the motorcycle business, Harley is considered an American icon; however, in keeping with its name, the Indians were the first to establish their hold in the United States. America’s first motorcycle has a rich history and lasting legacy of which its followers can be proud. So, to further the cause of Indian fans, let’s have some literature featuring the 8 Indian motorcycles that we would ride on a Harley any day.

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8 Scout Bobber Sixty

Twin Scout Bobber Sixty

via: Indian Motorcycle

The latest Scout Bobber Sixty is available in five shades: Thunder Black (Non-ABS), Thunder Black (ABS), Thunder Black Smoke (ABS), Blue Slate Smoke (ABS) and Titanium Metallic (ABS). This head wheel is lightweight with a die-cast aluminum frame and low seat height that provides superb balance. So, it is surprisingly easy to handle at any speed.

Metallic Scout Bobber Sixty

via: Indian Motorcycle

The Scout Bobber Sixty is surprisingly affordable and still delivers a frenetic ride, thanks to its refined blackened, liquid-cooled, 5-speed, 60 cu.ft. V-twin engine that produces 78 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque.

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7 Scout FTR1200 Custom

Personalized Scout FTR1200 on the street

via: Pinterest

The Scout FTR1200 Custom was originally built as a tribute to the championship-winning team that dominated the AMA Grand National. Featuring a 1,133cc (Indian Scout) V-Twin engine, this is, for all that matters, a road-approved version of the legendary FTR750, Indian’s flat racing bike.

Scout FTR1200 customized with industrial background

via: Pinterest

One of the inspirations behind the existence of the Scout FTR1200 Custom is the long-term demand from Indian motorcycle fanatics to build something along the lines of the FTR750 but street legal. A retro motorcycle sketched to perfection, the construction of this masked racer was aided by the Indian racing team.

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6 Murdercycle

Murdercycle at Indian Motorcycle Daytona Beach

via: Indian Motorcycle Daytona Beach

If looks can kill, then this aptly named Indian V-twin tourer is a mass murderer, blowing everyone’s mind with his swashbuckling swag. The Murdercycle is a custom 2019 Indian Chief showcased at Indian Motorcycle Daytona Beach.

Murdercycle with a rider on a road

via: Elkhart Indian Motorcycle

Critics have criticized the 2019 Chieftain for straying from the lineage in terms of styling and following in the footsteps of Harley-Davidson Street Glide. However, the murder cycle retains the legacy. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hands on this masterpiece as your ultimate crush, this beauty is already taken.

5 2020 Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse

2020 Jack Daniel's Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse in a Jack Daniels Wine Cellar

via: Indian Motorcycle

The limited-edition Jack Daniel’s 2020 Indian Springfield Dark Horse, a collaboration between Jack Daniel’s and Indian, has divided the latter’s fan base. It ignited some of the socio-conscious Indian fan base, while some alcohol lovers (especially Jack Daniel worshipers) went crazy about it. However, all agree that this nasty machine is a masterpiece.

Bearded rider on a black Indian Springfield horse limited edition Jack Daniel's 2020

via: Pinterest

So great was the buzz about this limited-edition motorcycle that the company had to resort to a lottery system to choose from the huge roster of candidates lining up to own it. The paint job on the bike is influenced by the packaging and the oak barrels used to store the popular whiskey.

4 1949 Indian Silver Arrow

Red Indian silver arrow 1949

via: Mecum Auctions

The 1949 Indian Silver Arrow was named after the famous silver arrows shot by Indian archers. It is a single seater motorcycle for singles who like long rides, especially those who like vintage classic motorcycles. It is equipped with a 220cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that uses a chain drive.

Yellow 1949 Indian money in a museum

via: Wikimedia Commons

The 1949 Indian Silver Arrow succumbed to a quiet death due to the company’s financial woes. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that this is an AMA motorcycle hall of fame. Machine at the cutting edge of technology in its time, it still has its fanbase, thanks to its grace and style.

3 1940 Indian chief

Indian chief 1940 red

via: Mecum Auctions

The tall, beefy 1940 Indian Chief was originally made by the Hendee Manufacturing Company until Indian took the reins. Inducted to succeed Powerplus, it was designed by Charles B. Franklin who also designed the Scout.

Army Green 1940 Indian Chief

via: yesterday

The 1940 Indian Chief featured a 1210cc four-stroke V-twin engine with a 60.6-inch wheelbase. For fuel system and transmission type, it uses carburetor and chain, respectively. For the front and rear, it relies on drum brakes. It even fought in World War II (with some modifications) and was deployed by American and French forces.

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2 2001 Indian Chief (centennial edition)

Red Indian Chief 2001 (Centenary Edition)

via: National Motorcycle Museum

The Indian motorcycle company, originally founded in 1901, ceased operations in 1953. This brand was acquired and reintroduced by Polaris in 2001. To celebrate Indian’s 100th anniversary, the 2001 Indian Chief (Centennial Edition) was launched.

100 Anniversary 2001 Indian Chief (Centenary Edition)

via: YouTube

The 2001 Indian Chief (Centennial Edition) is a thoroughbred cruiser. It has a four-stroke V2 engine that produces 75.0 hp at 5,200 rpm. Its 5-speed gearbox propels it to a top speed of 170 km / h, and the bike uses single discs for the front and rear brakes.

1 2003 Dakota Indian 4

2003 Indian Dakota 4 along the railroad tracks

via: Indian Motorcycle Forum

The 2003 Indian Dakota 4 is the ultimate cruiser. It is a bespoke motorcycle and therefore the price is slightly heavy on the wallet. It’s a comfortable old-fashioned ride with a roomy saddle and running boards to support your long rides. It is ideal for you to show off your retro booty.

Red 2003 Dakota Indian 4

via: My Motorcycle Club

The 2003 Indian Dakota 4 has an 1845cc four-stroke inline-four engine that produces 74.0 hp at 3800 rpm and 124.0 lb-ft of torque at 2650 rpm. Its dry weight is 716.5 pounds; its fuel capacity is 4.76 gallons plus a reserve of 0.66 gallons.

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