A Look at the 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900

When it comes to motorcycles, a few manufacturers always seem to get all the credit. Brands like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have been around for decades and have built up a loyal following of riders who love their bikes. But there is one manufacturer that sometimes gets overlooked, even though they make fantastic motorcycles: Aprilia. The 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900 is a perfect example of the company’s technical prowess. Aprilia first introduced the design in 2007, and it was the first production bike to feature a ride-by-wire throttle. This technology was first used by Aprilia in MotoGP, and they beat other manufacturers like Honda and Yamaha to the punch. Of course, the Shiver 900 isn’t just about technology. It’s also a great bike with underseat pipes and funky styling. It’s a motorcycle that appeals to its fans, but unfortunately the Aprilia name on the tank is often a turn off for many potential buyers. But overall, the 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900 has a few upgrades that we think will help it win over more riders. Let’s take a closer look.

Design and styling

The 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900 is a naked motorcycle, so it has no fairing or bodywork. This makes it a little lighter than fully fairing bikes and gives it a more aggressive look that most people love. The design is reasonably compact and chunky, giving it a good stance on the road. It is available in three colors: Innovation Dark, Challenging Red and Hi-Tech Silver. They all look great, but the dark color is my favorite. The bike has a steel trellis frame that has been powder coated black. This gives it a very modern look, and it is also strong and durable. The swingarm is aluminum and it has been anodized black to match the frame. This lets you tweak the suspension to your liking, and is a feature usually only found on more expensive bikes. The wheels are three-spoke aluminum alloy and they look great. They are shod with Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires, which provide exceptional grip and exceptional durability. The front tire is 120/70-17 and the rear is 180/55-17. The brakes on the Shiver 900 are top notch, with dual 320mm discs up front and a single 240mm disc in the rear. The calipers are radial-mount and come from Brembo. The bike also comes with ABS as standard, an excellent safety feature. It’s still one of the most stylish bikes out there. The bike has a sleek and sporty look, with its underseat pipes and clean lines. The Aprilia name is inscribed on the tank, which discourages some potential buyers. But overall the bike has a great design that will appeal to many riders.


Power for the Aprilia Shiver 900 comes from the mighty Piaggio-designed 896cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine. This engine produces a healthy 95 horsepower and 66 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough power to get the bike up to speed quickly, and it also sounds great thanks to the pipes under the saddle. The bike has a six-speed manual transmission and it also comes equipped with advanced traction control. The Shiver 900 can reach a top speed of 137 miles per hour, and it has a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds. The motorcycle has a claimed fuel economy of 54 mpg, which is very good for a motorcycle. It is the first bike in its class to use ride-by-wire technology. The technology allows for more precise throttle control and also provides the rider with information such as total mileage and engine temperature. The Shiver 900 will appeal to riders looking for the latest and greatest features as a powerful and technologically advanced bike.


The 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900 is the next step in the evolution of a unique and innovative motorcycle that continues to set new standards in the category. The most important feature of the new Shiver 900 is undoubtedly the TFT technology control panel which was also used in the 2019 model. This 4.3 inch screen uses an integrated sensor to guarantee perfect readability of all information. , whatever the conditions. It has a convenient joystick in the new left electric block designed to cycle through key bike parameters and select those that are best suited to conditions or requirements. The new Shiver 900 comes with APRILIA MIA as standard, connecting your smartphone to the bike via the dedicated V4-MP app.

Handling and suspension

The 2022 Shiver 900 is a powerful bike, and it’s also very nimble. It has a wet weight of only 188 kg, which is very light for a bike of this size. This makes it very easy to maneuver, and it’s also great for fuel economy. It’s getting better; the bike uses an ultra-refined chassis that’s easy to ride and intuitive. The inclusion of the steel trellis frame with aluminum side plates makes the bike extremely stiff and compact. This gives the Shiver 900 the ability to tackle any type of route smoothly. It also has 43mm USD forks and a rear monoshock that we think will be more comfortable than the outgoing model. According to a Bikez, the bike also comes standard with traction control and ABS, along with excellent safety features. The suspension is fully adjustable, allowing you to tune it to your liking. The bike also comes with a steering damper, a great addition. The bike has a wheelbase of 1415mm and a seat height of 805mm. That makes it a little big for smaller riders, but it’s still manageable. The Aprilia Shiver 900 is a splendid bike for city riding and highway cruising. It’s comfortable and easy to ride, and it has enough power to keep you entertained.

Pricing and Final Thoughts

The 2022 Aprilia Shiver 900 is priced at $9399, an excellent price for a bike of this caliber. Considering the overall design, performance and price, the Shiver 900 is excellent value for money. It is built with high quality materials and it comes with a long list of standard features. It’s not the fastest bike or the most powerful bike, but it has an impressive design and performance that’s sure to please. It can be a great choice for both experienced riders and beginners. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Shiver 900, and we think it has a bright future ahead of it.

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