Affordable Cruiser Bikes Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Ride

Cheap cruiser: A bad joke. Maybe not. Although many believe that the more expensive the bike, the better the quality, this is not always the case. Some of the cheapest motorcycles are also among the best beginner motorcycles. Plus, some of these badass cruisers featured here are just as powerful and great on the road as their pricey counterparts.

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When looking for a cheap cruiser, it’s good to start by looking at some of the more reliable brands; Brands recognized for their quality and durability. Companies like Honda and Yamaha are renowned for their reliability. Harley-Davidson is popular for its excellent after-sales service and is an icon in the cruiser bike market. The classic Royal Enfield also plays a major role in the cruiser market, although most of its models are neo-retro cafe racers.

Here are some of the best value cruiser bikes on the market. And while numbers matter a lot, the most affordable cruiser is the bike that strikes a great balance between price, power, comfort, specs, and, of course, looks. Read on for ten of the best and most affordable cruisers in 2022.

9 Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Over $4,000

To the few who got to ride the classic G2 model, the all-new Classic 350 takes a quick ride down memory lane to bring back the good old days of the G2. First introduced in the 1950s, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 continues to be a testament to the timeless design that left the world in awe during the heyday of British motorcycling.

Standout components of the Classic 350 include the signature headlight and classic teardrop-shaped fuel tank. They all combine to happily deliver one of the most entertaining bikes on the market. And with a price tag just over $4,000, the Classic 350 is one of the best cruiser bikes to buy on a budget.

8 Royal Enfield 350 Meteor – $4,549

It’s 2022 and probably many riders from the 1980s are already retired. Even so, they can attest that times have changed. The modern bike market is filled with different types of motorcycles, unlike in the 1980s when the most popular bike was the cruiser, one of which was the Enfield City Bike.

The Royal Enfield 350 Meteor is the purest representation and definition of the eternal essence of cruiser driving. And the new model revives the spirit of cruising, with timeless styling cues and classic contours. Built for any challenge, city or road trip, the 350 Meteor is one of the best new touring bikes for the open road, and it’s available for just $4,549.

7 Honda Rebel 500 – $6,399

Honda rebel 500

the the all-new 2022 Honda Rebel 500 takes all the desirable components of a proper cruiser bike and puts them together to put one of 2022’s most irresistible motorcycles on the road. Speaking of performance, style, agility, the Rebel 500 has it all, and more. Equipped with a lean 471cc engine and an intuitive powerband, this bike is guaranteed to deliver nothing but pure fun on city streets and open roads.

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Honda rebel 500.

The blacked out engine and wide front wheel give the Rebel 500 a stunning beauty on par with the modern innovation every enthusiast should demand. High-tech features of the 2022 Rebel include optional ABS brakes and all-LED lighting. Also available is Honda’s famous slipper clutch, designed to make every cruise more fun. Accompanying the base Rebel 500 is the ABS SE model with a Black Diamond-Stitch seat, among other great features.

6 Kawasaki Vulcan S – $7,449

Many have tried it, but no bike achieves the perfect cruiser feel like the Vulcan S. The bike is designed and built to take riders to new levels of riding – sporty realms in cutting-edge style. The perfect combination of aggressive driving, vintage styling and a powerful 649cc engine ensures that the Vulcan S kicks any driving experience into high gear.

With Ninja-derived power and performance and adjustable riding postures, plus sporty handling, Kawasaki developed this bike to be perfect for any event. Whether you’re commuting to the office or enjoying a road trip on a day off, the Vulcan S adds confidence-inspired performance to every cruise.

5 Harley-Davidson Street 750 – $7,599

Harley-Davidson is the ultimate definition of the American cruiser motorcycle. The company has been giving Americans great thrills on city streets and open roads since 1903. The Street 750 is an accessible bike that’s perfect for riders of all experience levels – seasoned veterans and beginners alike.

Powered by a blacked-out liquid-cooled V-twin, the HD Street 750 is built to conquer the heavy traffic jams of city roads. Its progressive throttle provides a smooth response and offers enough selection power to push through any opening during hot traffic. The Street 750 features factory-installed ABS that gives riders the confidence of knowing it will perform when needed.

4 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec—$8,599

Yamaha’s Bolt from the Star cruiser line is a great little bobber that perfectly combines old school soul and modern form. The bike features a sleek high tank, classic solo saddle and a short wheelbase. Enter the Bolt R-Spec space and meet the dressier model of the Yamaha Bolt. This bike is utterly snappy and fun to ride, and with its torquey V-twin engine, the R-Spec keeps asking to be taken on the road.

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the all-new 2022 R-Spec model is stripped with a minimum of chrome to give it the perfect appearance of an urban performance Bobber. And using Yamaha’s advanced technology, the 2022 R-Spec is tuned to deliver a riding experience far superior to other motorcycles of its size. Fuel injection and ignition timing mapping have been perfectly and explicitly done to give the R-Spec peak performance with high torque at low and midrange. With a starting price of just $8,599, Yamaha developed this bike with one intention, to make everyone who sits on it smile.

3 Benelli 502C – $9,790

The Benelli 502 C is a great bike for $9,790. It looks good in most aspects and has just the road presence to grab attention and curious stares. It comes across as a nice, well-balanced cruiser for the sub-$10,000 price range.

The 502 C is easy to drive, relatively affordable to live with and quite practical. Plus, it’s more fun to drive than many realize. There’s a lot for the 502 C to do, and all Benelli needs to do is maintain long-term reliability and good after-sales service.

2 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber – $11,090

Innovative, aggressive and irresistible; it’s the V9 Bobber, a machine built with a hulking personality that is felt in quintessential cruiser style. The bike features an innate purity of style and design expressed through the steel body, shaft drive and dramatic tires just waiting to be admired.

The Moto Guzzi V9 is an excellent cruiser, a masterpiece of design that is characterized by meticulous attention to detail that is impossible to miss. The new V9 Bobber features a removable passenger seat that transforms this incredible Bobber into an impressive single-seater cruiser. Its excellent ground clearance of 30.9 and curb weight of 462.9 lbs ensure the operator has total control of the machine, both on busy streets and on narrow roads.

1 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 – $10,749

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

The Sportster 883 is a great introduction to the Harley-Davidson line of cruiser bikes. The bike exhibits incredible agility, it’s easy to maneuver and not too intimidating to handle. Although its performance may seem overwhelming for beginners, it is only on paper. The Sportster is an excellent cruiser that serves all experience levels.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

It features authentic HD styling through and through, and the rubber-mounted 883cc engine runs hard and runs smooth. The seamless combination of lowered front and rear suspension and a low, narrow solo seat provides comfort and confidence for riders of all sizes and experiences.

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