Best 125cc bike | TVS Raider vs Honda SP 125: Which 125 cc motorcycle to buy?

TVS Raider vs Honda SP 125: Which 125 cc motorcycle to buy?

Commuter bikes dominate most of the motorcycle market in India due to their attractive price and ease of riding. Most commuter motorcycles have a very generic design and come equipped with basic features in an effort to keep prices low and attract more sales. However, some motorcycles are slightly sportier and offer interesting layouts. One of those bikes is the TVS Raider which launched in India yesterday at 77,500 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The Raider is powered by a 125cc engine that claims to offer the best acceleration and torque in the segment. This commuter bike is also more equipped than most of its rivals and benefits from an optional TFT instrument cluster and smartphone connectivity. But do all of these things make TVS Raider a better buy than the popular Honda SP125? Let’s try to figure this out.

TVS Raider vs. Honda SP 125: Practicality quotient

The Raider has a ground clearance of 180 mm and weighs 123 kg (curb). In comparison, the SP 125 tips the scales at 117 kg (curb) and has a ground clearance of 160 mm.

Raider SP 125
Ground clearance 180 millimeters 160 mm
Weight (sidewalk) 123 kilograms 117 kilograms

This shows that the Raider will fare better than the SP 125 against evil speedbreakers and potholes. However, the SP 125 is lighter than the Raider and will be more maneuverable for new pilots.

Raider yellow side.jpeg

TVS Raider against Honda SP 125: Characteristics

The Raider comes with a color LCD display as standard that offers the necessary readings such as speed, trip odometer, gear change indicator, tachometer, fuel economy, top and average speed, helmet indicator, odometer, fuel gauge, etc. It is the first bike in the segment to achieve two riding modes – Eco and Power – where Eco offers three percent more fuel economy while Power modes offer faster acceleration. Along with this, the Raider also has a side stand engine shutdown that prevents the bike from starting until the side stand is fully disengaged.

Raider ins.jpg

That’s not all as TVS also offers customers the option of a five-inch TFT instrument cluster with the SmartXconnect app for smartphone connectivity. This console offers a host of features, including navigation, viewing digital documents, call and message alerts, voice assistant, and more. TVS Raider also features the company’s IntelliGO technology which uses a built-in started generator for quiet starting. This function also turns off the engine when the bike is idling and can be started with a simple throttle.

SP125 ins.png

In comparison, the Honda SP 125’s LCD dashboard offers information such as speed, trip odometer, gear position indicator, clock, ECO indicator, fuel consumption details and the fuel gauge. In addition to this, the Honda 125 cc commuter bike also has a start-stop and silent start system.

The TVS Raider is equipped with an air-cooled 124.8 cc engine producing 11.22 hp at 7,500 rpm and 11.2 Nm of maximum torque at 6,000 rpm. The Honda SP 125, on the other hand, uses a 123.95 cc air-cooled engine that develops 10.72 hp at 7,500 rpm and 10.9 Nm at 6,000 rpm. Both of these bikes come with a five-speed gearbox.

Motor Gearbox Power Couple
Raider 124.8 cm3 5 speed 11.22 hp 11.2 Nm
SP 125 123.95 cm3 5 speed 10.72 hp 10.9 NM

These numbers reveal that the Raider is slightly more powerful than the Honda SP, but the difference in weight between the two bikes is likely to make up for that difference. But TVS claims the Raider offers the best acceleration in the segment in Power mode.

Honda SP125 side.png

TVS Raider vs Honda SP 125: Suspension and braking Equipment

TVS Raider uses telescopic forks with a five-step adjustable gas monoshock and a one-sided swingarm. The SP 125, however, uses telescopic forks with five-step adjustable dual shocks. And when it comes to braking hardware, the Raider comes standard with a 240mm front petal disc brake and 130mm rear drum brake with synchronized braking. The Honda SP 125, as standard, relies on 130mm drum brakes, but customers can upgrade to a 240mm front disc brake, albeit at a higher price.

TVS Raider 125 cc bike

The standard TVS Raider model costs 77,500 while the SmartXconnect unit has a hefty premium and can be attached as an accessory. The Honda SP 125, on the other hand, costs 78,381 for the drum brake variant and 82,677 for the disc brake variant. All prices are from showroom, Delhi.

Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)
TVS Raider Disc 77,500
Honda sp 125 drum 78,381
Honda SP 125 disc 82 677
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