‘Build back better’ law will give electric motorcyclists 30% tax relief

Over the weeks, I have noticed a trend among good wBW readers.

You love or hate electric motorcycles.

And for those of you who love them, there’s always a high MSRP to complain about.

It’s not that we blame you – Spending $ 21,999 on Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One at a time when technology advances at the speed of light is insane, and we commend you for that.

For this purpose, we are about to enter the legislature of the Federal Government of the United States – because if Jalopnik Americans are right on the verge of getting huge tax relief on their electric motorcycles, and at this point any type of credit would be fine.

The report says the “Build Back Better” law was overhauled and edited for months by Congress, with relief only erupting last Friday when a version of the bill was finally passed.

A view of the US Congress

The decree of the bill? As of Friday, November 19, a 30% tax credit for electric bikes and electric motorcycles will be considered, although the report says the credit caps at $ 1,500 for electric bikes and $ 7,500 for electric bikes. electric motorcycles.

“The credits are fully refundable, which means you don’t need $ 7,500 in taxes to get $ 7,500 in returns, but they are limited by income – the credit starts to disappear once you earn.” over $ 75,000 per year. Both of these stipulations point to a credit specifically designed to make electric vehicles accessible to low-income people, an admirable effort to be undertaken by Congress. “

zero motorcycle driving for modeling purposes

Keep in mind that just because a bill is passed does not mean that it has been approved. They still have a long way to go through the Senate and the President’s office before they become law – but we can hope.

We will keep our ears low for you on this story; in the meantime, leave a comment below – we read them all and love to hear from you.

Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with the new bikes that will be showcased at EICMA tomorrow and, as always, stay safe on the turns.

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