Deadly violence resumes in Myanmar after peaceful protests

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – At least two people protesting last month’s military coup were reportedly shot dead by security forces on Tuesday after a morning of peaceful marches in parts of Myanmar. Security forces have killed dozens of their compatriots in recent days, and the UN has estimated the death …

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The role of Bitcoin in retirement portfolios

What role should Bitcoin play in the portfolios of retirees and near retirees? There is no doubt that its appeal is overwhelming. The cryptocurrency has gained over 60% since the start of this year and has grown over 400% in the past 12 months. Such returns would go a long …

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Apps for new businesses have a double WTF moment

People have massively chased their dreams and started new businesses, and that’s wonderful. Then there is the problem of large-scale PPP loan fraud. Through Wolf Richter for LOUP STREET. The historic explosion of overnight layoffs last spring, the tsunami of free government money for individuals and businesses whether they need …

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