Experts urge increased caution as higher temperatures attract more motorcyclists

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — When the snow finally melts, experts tell 13 News more people will hit the road.

Whether you ride two or four wheels, safety is paramount for everyone, especially since motorcycle accidents are common.

“It’s really hard on the heart to hear that someone has been hurt or injured in a motorbike accident. You pray for families, and you really hate to hear that, because we all love the sport of motorcycling,” says Susan Lucas, general manager of Black Sheep Harley-Davidson in Huntington.

The tri-state area has a large motorcycling community:

“Almost everyone, for the most part, knows everyone, if they ride,” says Jorden Walters, riding academy director at Black Sheep Harley-Davidson in Huntington.

News of tragic accidents spreads quickly: “Most of the time it’s quite possible it’s one of our customers and it’s someone we know personally,” says Walters, emphasizing the importance of safety and making sure you are prepared and protected. on the roads, no matter what you’re driving.

“We have spurts of these hot weather and people are dying to get their bikes out. Be careful. Watch out for bikers. Especially in hot weather. Especially at night when it’s hot, they’re a bit harder to see,” says Lucas.

As for motorcyclists, the Black Sheep runs a three-day motorcycle training and safety course, so they know the best practices to take with them on the road.

“It’s a closed course where they go through several practical exercises and steps to learn how to handle a motorcycle…the instructor teaches them what to look for, how to try to be diligent and careful,” explains Lucas.

Experts say that before hitting the road, it’s crucial to make sure you’re properly equipped: protect your head and wear the correct protective clothing in case you have an accident.

“West Virginia is a state where the helmet law is enforced…So helmets will help. Having the right riding gear: boots, jackets, gloves, long sleeves, pants… If you go downhill, it really helps prevent rashes,” says Lucas.

Result for drivers of all kinds?

“Just pay attention to everyone. Think of yourself, think of the person around you,” says Walters.

For more information on the new rider course, click here.

For more information on Black Sheep Harley-Davidson, click here.

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