Harley-Davidson Brave is a sharp escape with a touch of glitter

Typically, custom garages go for flamboyant names just because they sound good for their projects. In this case, however, Brave is a perfect fit for a Harley-Davidson Breakout that mixes sharp Japanese styling with flashy body color.

The American bicycle maker himself describes the Breakout as “A modern and muscular helicopter that turns traffic lights into acceleration tracks” and for the most part, that’s what customers get. But the stock ride is not enough for countless custom garages across the globe, who set out to turn them into something else entirely on behalf of their customers.

The Brave is part of this whole other lot. It rolled out of the doors of Japanese customizer Bad Land, but not before the stock 2015 Breakout underwent some makeovers.

Wrapped in glittery orange, especially on the fuel tank and fenders made in Bad Land, the bike sits on in-house designed wheels from a collection called Out-Rage, and sized 21 and 18 inches up front. and rear, respectively. The rear wheel is 300mm wide, which is how most of these conversions like to ride.

With the exception of the handle, mirrors, and turn signals (which are from Ken’s Factory) everything else on this thing was made by Bad Land. We’re talking about everything from the headlight and handlebars to the exhaust and air filter, and all the way down to the swingarm.

Aside from the exhaust and cleaner, the Breakout’s engine seems to have received few upgrades, but that doesn’t diminish the appeal of this ride in any way (if you like shiny Harleys, that is, to say).

As for the cost of the conversion, Bad Land is still very low key so we are not told anything. For reference, you should know that a stock break from that year sells in the second-hand market for between $ 15,000 and $ 20,000.

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