Harley-Davidson Fat Boy plays the thug card with extreme style

If we go by the standard definition, the term “hooligan” means young, and somehow involved in a gang, troublemaker, used to break the law. However, sometimes we use it when we are talking about cars designed to be driven rough and abused in some way or another at the hands of their thugs. But the term is not so common when it comes to motorcycles.

It didn’t matter much for a Polish custom shop called BTChoppers, who decided that the nickname would fit this version perfectly. Originally a 2014 Fat Boy, it was converted to this extreme build, and aptly called Hooligan.

Like many other European projects of this type, most of the Fat Boy motorcycles are still around, which means the important parts like the frame and the 103ci engine, but the standard look of the bike is long gone, replaced by a more aggressive appearance.

First of all, the position of the two-wheeler has changed thanks to the addition of a Legend air suspension system. Then comes the connection to the road, which in this case is carried out by means of Walz wheels. TTS rocker covers, a Thunderbike handlebar with motogadget digital tachometer and a rear fender made in-house by the Polish store are on the deck to make the construction stand out.

But none of the elements mentioned above are as eye-catching as the exhaust system. It is made by BTChoppers and manages to outshine all other building elements with its imposing appearance. KessTech rocker silencer, the thing is described by the Poles as a gangsta style piece.

Construction was completed in 2018 and until recently was up for grabs at BTChoppers’ lot. Someone ripped him off in the meantime, for an undisclosed amount, so now there’s another Hooligan roaming the streets of the mainland.

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