Harley-Davidson Huracan is not your average Rosso Mars Lamborghini

Over two years ago, our journey into the world of custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles brought us face to face with the RS Lambo, a two-wheeler made from an in-house frame and Screamin ‘Eagle engine. 110.

The RS Lambo was, we were to learn, just the first in a longer line of Lamborghini-inspired builds that we discovered later, a line that also includes the matching Outerlimit (made by the same Thunderbike). at the Aventador, and this here Huracan.

This Huracan is obviously not an Italian-made four-wheeler, but a two-wheeler concocted from start to finish in the United States, and remodeled abroad, in Germany, by a store called X-Trem.

The bike started life as the Night Rod, one of those muscular American motorcycles that Harley made from 1999 to 2017. Like many others of her breed, she reached a point in her life where a new look was s. ‘imposed, and X-Trem was more than happy to make it happen.

Sporting the Huracan name on the left and right sides of the fuel tank, the Night Rod has undergone a conversion process to make this 280 width rear tire possible. The Huracan rides on a progressive suspension system and comes with a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust slapped on one side to help the engine breathe.

The list of extras is not as long as what we are used to when it comes to X-Trem, and includes, in addition to the material listed above, No Limit Custom covers where covers are due and custom wings.

What really sets this bike apart is the use of a color called Rosso Mars on all parts of the body and the wheels. It’s the same color, at least in name, that we sometimes see on roaring Lamborghinis.

As usual, the German bespoke garage doesn’t say how much it cost to assemble this thing.

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