Harley-Davidson Ludus Looks Too Tense To Be Fun, Not Enough To Be Aggressive

We all know motorcycle builders like to choose the names of their projects based on the primary feature or message the motorcycle is supposed to use or convey, and most of the time they are in control of the process. We don’t know if Bad Land, the Japanese store behind this particular project, did the same in this case.

The converted Harley we’re looking at now is called Ludus, which is an actual word in Latin which, depending on usage, can mean either game, sport, grade school, or gladiators. A name that gave Bad Land enough space to play with the bike and come up with a design to properly represent one of the two extremes.

Unfortunately, we somehow believe that the store failed to do so. The overall design seems to be too tense to be associated with fun and games, and somehow not enough to scream power and violence like a gladiator school would have done.

As it stands, the black appearance with minor pops of yellow is a rather minor conversion to a 300mm wide rear wheel, a part that comes from the Lector wheel line made by Rick’s Motorcycles.

Supported by Brembo braking hardware, the wheels help move on the road with a slightly modified frame, engine and body. We get an Ohlins front fork, an AS Industries exhaust system, and a Performance Machine foot control system, all glued together as part of the Bad Land vision.

Apart from that, the Japanese also brought their own homemade pieces, in the form of a tee, handlebars, front and rear fenders, and various covers.

The Harley-Davidson Ludus was first presented by Bad Land in 2016, and its current whereabouts are unknown, as is how much money the customer had to pay to turn it into this thing.

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