Harley-Davidson show and service experience after exiting India

With Hero MotoCorp having taken over the responsibilities of sales and service, curious to know the reality on the ground.

CRAZY DRIVER BHPian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It has been a year since Harley Davidson left the market, leaving sales and service responsibilities to a new partner – Hero Motocorp.

Pursuant to the agreement, Hero MotoCorp was to sell and service Harley-Davidson motorcycles and sell parts, accessories, general merchandise, riding gear and clothing through a network of Harley-Davidson dealers exclusive to the brand and the Hero MotorCorp’s existing dealer network in India.

With Hero Motocorp set to launch the Harley Davidson Sportster S in India at IBW 2021, are you curious about what the reality is on the ground? Have any changes been noticed in the dealer network or have they maintained the status quo? What is the quality of service and the availability of spare parts?

Sales figures are also no longer communicated. What about sales? Are you noticing purchases – or are existing owners turning to competing brands for upgrade options?

Here is what GTO had to say about it:

Very keen to read the experiences of the owners, the kind we have seen on the Chevrolet thread. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Chevrolet owners were generally happy with the handling of customers after the ride. It might be the same with Hero, given the breadth of their network. But eager to hear from the actual owners.

Here is what BHPian neil.jericho had to say about it:

I had recently contacted a friend in Bombay who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle and he told me the following:

  • The India case was totally screwed up with the departure of the company
  • Owners are unable to obtain base parts for newer models
  • For modern bikes like the 2020 Fat Bob, important parts are not available
  • Sometimes the waiting times for parts vary between 6 and 7 months

On the sales side, the local Harley Davidson dealership had made a newspaper ad for the new Pan America. But with the reported rumors / issues that Pan America has faced in Indian conditions and the lack of support from society, cycling is a very difficult recommendation to make in 2021.

Here is what BHPian adi_sun had to say about it:

I can provide some ideas on this; I bought a Harley Davidson Low Rider S 114 in August and drove about 4K km – just took a trip from Gurgaon to Jaisalmer after the first service. Here is my experience:


  • Motorcycles are CBU only, just unpacked and returned after PDI
  • The sales team is well educated, it is definitely a better buying experience than Triumph / Ducatti (this is another post to write, maybe a property thread)
  • Most of the sales and support staff are the same as before the Hero days and I don’t think there is a change in the strength

First service:

  • Seamless, no problem with the attitude of parts / dealers
  • A warranty replacement has been identified (stock exhaust) the order has been placed and should be received within 30 days – standard time for all super bikes I think
  • Fast-rotating parts and accessories are well stocked

Breakfast jumpers etc.

  • This is perhaps the biggest advantage of HD, they organize rides and plan them well
  • After the switch to Hero, there was a brief period where the rides weren’t organized, but it was also the time of Covid.
  • The rides are back luckily so no complaints here too

Also let me post some pictures:

Here is what BHPian Turbanator had to say about it:

This is nothing new for Harley in India. I waited over 3 months just for a small part like the fuel filter in the tank. There were 2 in stock at the dealership and 1 more coming in, all against customers who were waiting in the queue ahead of me. That was in 2018. Harley will never (with a few exceptions) do air importation and will get everything through a logistics company that most likely uses ocean freight. It’s the same problem with many other import-dependent bike and car companies, but most have found a way and customers have to wait less.

Going forward, I won’t be surprised if Hero is able to streamline this for the better. They may have their own priorities and in my limited interaction with the owners and directly with a showroom for the purchase they are doing well.

Here is what Troika BHPian had to say about it:

The state of Harley service is not too good, to put it mildly. I have owned a Harley for 6 years. The past year has been tough for Harley owners, basic maintenance spares have been hard to come by. I had to get myself some oil, an oil filter, a gasket, etc. on the internet and bring it to the gas station for my last service about 6 months ago. There have been cases where HOG has sold their Harleys after being frustrated with waiting for spare parts (some guys have orders for 6-8 months).

Check out BHPian’s reviews for more ideas and information.

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