Here’s what we love about the Honda Interstate lineup

When it comes to cars and bikes, there are brands whose names have echoed alongside the most incredible builds and innovations over the years. Brands like Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda wore their constructions with sophistication and honor as far as Japan is concerned.

For the past 73 years, Honda has been among the leading companies that have built cars, bikes, engines and even accessories that have served the needs of those looking for economical racing and the success of top motorsport teams. .

Honda has made a name for itself by rolling out some of the best versions available when it comes to bikes. Honda bikes range from sports bikes to cruise bikes and touring bikes. Honda touring motorcycles made their debut in October 1974. It was the Honda Goldwing. Since then, this Japanese company has consistently rolled out some of the best touring bikes on the market.

As part of its line of touring bikes, Honda introduced the Honda Interstate line to the world. So what is a Honda Interstate? A Honda highway is what some people consider to be the ultimate and definitive interpretation of a progressively retrospective cruising bike. For Honda, that means a 1312cc motorcycle with a V-twin engine designed to go the distance. Here’s what we love about the Honda Interstate lineup.

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Honda highway overview

Honda Interstate bike black

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The Honda Interstate series, or as it is known on other platforms as the Honda VT series, debuted in 2009, with the Honda VT1300CT being the first Honda Interstate to hit the market. These bikes are equipped with V-twin engines.

A 1312cc engine is the heart of this beauty. It’s paired with a PGM-FI with an automatic enrichment circuit, and for most if not all Interstate bikes, a five-speed transmission keeps the engine under control. A 41mm fork with a 4.0 inch travel range is paired with a single rear shock with 3.9 inch travel range to control it all. For stopping power, the Honda Interstate features a single 336mm front disc with a standard two-piston caliper. The rear is fitted with a 296mm disc which also comes with a single piston caliper.

Over the years, Honda has released various Interstate models and versions. However, it was in 2015 that the last Honda Interstate was unveiled.

Many believe Honda has refrained from any further disclosures because it seeks to let the lineup shut down and then shut it down. Or they are working on something big, whatever the reasons, these bikes are still the favorite of many riders around the world. This is largely attributed to the long-range engine fitted to the motorcycle, as well as the comfortable saddle, elongated fuel tank and the overall beautiful design of the motorcycle as well as the history of Honda as a whole.

The Honda Interstate as the ultimate economy touring bike

Honda Interstate Bike

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If you’re looking to buy a touring bike, a Harley could be way beyond your budget. However, this is not a reason for you through your desire for wind. You can get a Honda Interstate in pretty decent condition. Depending on whether you’re buying this bike for restoration or wanting to hit the road right away, you’re looking at a budget of between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000, depending on condition and model year.

The bike as a whole makes it a perfect everyday rider because it ticks all the boxes for versatile riding. This means that if you are looking for a bike to do your daily errands and always on the road during the weekend, this is the bike for you.

This bike not only looks great on the road, but it brings character and charisma. From its beautifully designed exterior to its powertrain, the Interstate is a bike designed to cater for both amateur and seasoned cyclists.

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Powertrain and performance

For this part, we are going to focus on the latest Honda Interstate build. This is the 2015 Honda Interstate. A 1312cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine powers this bike. This engine is mated to a five-speed transmission. This powertrain combination allows this bike to achieve a lot of low end torque when riding around town.

This bike delivers on all fronts, giving you the best of both worlds. The powertrain mounted on this beauty makes it an ideal pilot for multiple daily races as well as long highway and open road cruises. The final drive shaft of this vehicle gives you a smooth, crisp look for city driving and balance for open roads.

Everything about this bike screams comfort and style. The spacious floors, the wide windshield, the leather saddlebags and the curves that cross the bike.

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