Honda motorcycle prices in Pakistan increased from June 1, 2022

Atlas Honda has announced another price increase, the second in less than a month. According to the circular, the prices of Honda motorcycles in Pakistan have been raised up to Rs. 9,000 depending on the model from June 1, 2022. However, Atlas Honda is not the only one raising the prices as some other manufacturers of motorcycles also notified an increase in their prices. Honda Motorcycle/Bike price increase in Pakistan includes Honda CD 70, CD 70 Dream, Pridor, CG 125, CG 125SE, CB 125F, CB 150F and CB 150F SE models.

Honda motorcycle prices in Pakistan increased from June 1, 2022

It is pertinent to mention that Atlas Honda has raised its motorcycle prices in Pakistan eight times in the previous year, and although this is the company’s fourth price hike announcement for the he current year, several other increases are expected, in particular due to the depreciating currency (USD to PKR).

Atlas Honda has been producing these motorcycles in Pakistan for decades without any change and rather than providing a cheap product, the company continues to raise its prices several times a year. However, the company is not the only one to blame as customers continue to buy their outdated CD70s and CG125s just to get a new sticker and the government has no policy in place to keep motorcycle prices stable.

According to the notification, the price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan has been raised by a whopping Rs. 3,600 bringing the new rate to Rs. 106,500 from the previous price of Rs. 102,900. Likewise, the company has increased the price of CD 70 Dream by Rs. 4,000 bringing the price of the motorcycle from Rs. 109,500 to Rs. 113,500.

Moreover, the price of Honda Pridor 100 has been increased by Rs. 5,000 from the previous price of Rs. 139,900 to the new rate of Rs. 144,900. The price of Honda CG 125 in Pakistan has also witnessed a increase of Rs. 5,000 from the previous rate of Rs. 163,500 to the new price of Rs. 168,500. Additionally, the price of Honda CG 125SE has been increased from Rs. massive increase of Rs. 5,000.

There was a massive increase of Rs. 9,000 in the price of the Honda CB 125F bringing the new rate to Rs. 253,900 from the previous price of Rs. 244,900. The company also increased the price of the Honda CB 150F (Silver) from Rs. 9,000, bringing the new price to Rs. 308,900 from the old price of Rs. 299,900, while the price of Honda CB 150F (Red/Black) saw a jump of Rs. 9,000 as well, bringing the new price to Rs. 312,900 from the old rate of Rs. 303,900.

Atlas Honda Motorcycle Prices [w.e.f 1 June 2022]


Old price (PKR)

New price (PKR)

Difference (PKR)

Honda CD 70

Rs. 102,900


Rs. 3,600

Honda CD 70 Dream




Honda Pridor 100




Honda CG125

Rs. 163,500

Rs. 168,500


Honda CG125S-SE

Rs. 193,500

Rs. 198,500


Honda CB125F



Rs. 9,000

Honda CB 150F (Red, Black)


Rs. 308,900

Rs. 9,000

Honda CB 150F (Silver)

Rs. 303,900


Rs. 9,000

Rates from June 1, 2022

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It is relevant to mention that Road Prince and United Motorcycles also announced a few days ago a price increase for their motorcycles.

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