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After the introduction of the wired throttle, we might see performance motorcycles and even commuter bikes getting a wired clutch. In this article, we’ll see how Honda will patent a technology that could bring clutchless bikes.

What is ride by wire?

Ride by Wire technology uses a servo motor that eliminates the mechanical connection between two components. For example, the wired throttle eliminates the throttle cable which may have slight differences due to flexing of the cable. Instead, it uses an electronic converter that replicates the exact action as throttle input. It is also used to pre-map certain throttle positions for launch control, nose-up control and other steering aids.

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Honda worked on a patented wire clutch system. This system connects a hydraulically operated clutch to an electronic lever trigger. Learn more about how the system works to come.

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Ride by Wire advantage

Having an electronically controlled clutch will make the clutch action smoother. This will make gear changes smoother and also make the clutch work in harmony with the quick shifter and other electronic aids. Having an electronic clutch will also allow automatic gear changes if necessary. This will work in sync with the ECU, which will improve engine wear by cutting off the fuel supply when changing and also improving the air-fuel mixture depending on the load.

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How it works?

A ride by wire clutch uses an electric trigger at the lever that connects to a server motor that initiates the hydraulic clutch action. An electronic clutch works the other way around than a conventional clutch, it has a piston that pushes the clutch disc to engage so that in the rest position the clutch is disengaged. This is done to have a feeling of security in which the clutch is disengaged rather than still engaged. The clutch will engage depending on a load of other parameters such as Indian vehicle speed and throttle position.

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On the side of the lever to create a real conventional clutch feel, there will be a reactive force generation device. Honda was the pioneer when it came to offering the DCT transmission on two-wheelers. Also, if we take a look at the industry, slip clutches and quick shifters have become standard on many performance motorcycles. Due to the wire clutch stalling the vehicle or using the clutch in the wrong direction will be avoided. For now, we don’t think this technology will make its way to smaller motorcycles. We might see it on the racetrack first and then slowly trickle down to production racing models and then onto street bikes.

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