Husqvarna E-Pilen and E-Scooter arrive earlier than …

Husqvarna is set to become one of the first mainstream motorcycle makers to hit the market with a fully electric offering after documents revealed its new E-Pilen and E-Scooter would hit us in 2022.

Last month, Husqvarna unveiled a preview of its new electric offering, the E-Pilen, which will join the conventionally-powered Vitpilen and Svartpilen in the company’s roadster lineup.

Now, a presentation at PMAG (Pierer Mobility AG) has confirmed that the company’s and its foray into the scooter market, also electric, will quietly hit the streets in 2022 in hopes of making a lot of noise for Swedish society.

Although Husqvarna is not the first manufacturer to engage in electric power for any of its motorcycles, with a modest 11 kW (around 15 hp) engine, a range of 100 km and an interchangeable battery, it is arguably the first to capitalize on the huge technological advancements in this area to ensure that anyone considering switching to volts does so in a more transparent manner.

Indeed, while the Harley-Davidson LiveWire and Energica Ego satisfy the more premium end of the electric scale (think Tesla), it is the low end of the market where the technology should be more relevant in the long run, targeting cyclists making shorter urban journeys.

As such, cost will be a crucial factor, but Husqvarna will be looking to use the technology sharing with KTM’s Indian partner Bajaj, who developed the electronic platform for use in the Chetak scooter which is already available in the country. Additionally, while only KTM is mentioned, Husqvarna is expected to be part of the swappable battery deal that includes Honda, Yamaha and Piaggio.

While we won’t put our house on the line on the E-Pilen that will hit showrooms in 2022 – think COVID – rivals will no doubt be keen to see what the answer will be as they contemplate their own strategies with a engine without exhaust emissions.

This will include KTM, which has promised to develop its own line of electric motorcycles in the future but plans to give them a sportier edge.

Bajaj brands Fluir and Fluor nameplates

Meanwhile, in news that may or may not be related, Bajaj has filed two names for potential use on future motorcycles; Fluid and Fluoride.

While trademarking is not an unusual practice, as manufacturers quickly insert their nameplates so you can reflect on them during development, you don’t need a language degree to recognize what these names might refer to. .

Firstly, Fluir is the Spanish word for “flow”, while Fluor is a Latin word meaning “to flow”. It is also a prefix for fluorescent, which could be used to describe the color details of the Husqvarna company.

This gives rise to speculation Bajaj is potentially working on its own version of the E-Pilen, which if nothing should ensure that development proceeds at a steady pace.

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