Is a Suzuki SV650 ‘RR’ coming to breathe life into …

It seems rumors of the Suzuki SV650’s death have been greatly exaggerated amid growing discussions that the company could breathe new life into the V-twin platform with a streamlined “RR” variant.

It’s a bike that blew everyone away when it first launched – in 1999 – and while new rivals comfortably pushed the middleweight game forward, the SV650 has continued to earn its place among buyers who can’t. withstand its increasingly unique V-twin. engine and are attracted by very high prices.

Indeed, the SV650 is also not in the first wave of youth on the surface, while patent leaks showing the development of a new, more conventional 600cc engine suggest that Suzuki is wrong in removing the “V” from the engine. last name.

Except that we’ve been reporting these plans for a few years and to date nothing tangible has ever surfaced, which makes us wonder if Suzuki has fully returned to the drawing board.

Either way, few would have expected a new variant based on the (really) aging platform to emerge, but several posts have reported that Suzuki is preparing a new streamlined version to join the nude SV650. and the V-Strom 650 adventure bike.

The motivation for the model seems to come from the introduction of another V-twin entry in the form of the Aprilia RS 660 and also the new Yamaha R7, which helps to some extent to close the gap left by the R6, although in a “warm supersport”. mold.

Indeed, Suzuki has not offered its mid-range sports car – the GSX-R600 – on these shores for some time, but continues to be available in the United States. However, with Yamaha, Honda and Triumph dropping the “howler” class, Suzuki may well spell the end of the “Gixxer” entirely in favor of a streamlined version of the SV650.

(Artist’s impression of what the SV650 RR could look like – Oberdan Bezzi Designs)

While the name SV650 RR is simply a media build (SV650 R and SV650 S have also been hinted at), a more streamlined sporty version of the platform could actually fall very well, with many believing the perky engine and lively dynamics. would have lent themselves well to a more racy silhouette.

Alternatively, it could be seen as a last hurray for the SV650 platform and a way for Suzuki to satisfy V-Twin purists when it does eventually introduce an all-new model.

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