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The Honda PCX is a top all-round scooter with a fun ride, stylish, easy to ride, compact and good storage. It’s a universal iconic scooter with a subtle design and a decent look. The unique scooter is also environmentally friendly and economical.

The Honda PCX is on a new duplex steel cradle frame for power and stiffness. You can move hassle-free through congested city streets and even through the winding countryside smoothly.

However, there are plenty of reasons to choose the large, feature-rich Honda PCX scooter. But, you might have been confused about the Honda PCX reliability ratings.

So, here we are going to introduce you ‘Is Honda PCX Reliable’.

The Honda PCX: A Brief History of the Genesis

First, Honda introduced the PCX scooter in 2009, and the PCX150/125 was released globally in 2011. In 2012, the manufacturer redesigned the previous model and released a new version in the market. And the Honda PCX finally announced the 125/160 ESP+ version of the scooter in 2021.

the Honda PCX engine 125 has a 156.9 cc four-stroke engine that digests 11.7 hp. It has a top speed of 118 km with an automatic transmission. And the fuel capacity is 8 L with a weight of 126 kg and the wheelbase is 1305 mm.

The Honda PCX scooter comes with a height of 1090mm, a length of 1915mm and a width of 740mm. So you can get enough space for comfortable driving with Honda PCX.

Is the Honda PCX reliable?

When looking for an innovative, well-designed and reliable commuter scooter, the Honda PCX ranks in the top ten of your search results. It comes with great features and efficient performance.

You can find many issues to know if the Honda PCX is reliable or not. But, I am going to present some unique facts to you to realize the reliability of the Honda PCX. Let’s find out what the facts are?

The Honda PCX: the best engine reliability

The Honda PCX is one of the best engine reliability scooters. It has a total displacement of 157 cc with a new four-valve valve train which improves engine quality. It is liquid cooled and has a quieter motor that reduces waste heat and mechanical noise.

The PCX has 15.8 horsepower and 11.1 pounds of weight that go through a constantly shifting transmission. The 85 mph CVT offers twist-and-go operation with top speed. It has a chain drive that spins a hydraulic chain with a single overhead cam. Therefore, it always stays fixed correctly and handles quieter.

The Honda PCX: Brake reliability with ride quality

The reliability of the brake ensures you a good driving performance. The braking system and suspension of the Honda PCX are excellent and ensure your safety and driving quality. It has big tires like 1000/90 in 14 which are ideal for filtering through massive congestion.

Plus, it has a compact handling system that can easily handle the PCX for more enjoyable daily commutes.

The Honda PCX: Basic Features

You will find more reliable equipment in the Honda PCX scooter. Let’s find out what they are?

  • Decent Michelin rubber
  • 14 inch mid-range rims
  • Crystal clear LCD
  • Well polished body
  • Advanced stop-start technology
  • Enough storage space under the seat
  • Maximum visibility with LED lighting
  • Perfect mirror.
  • Enough legroom for taller riders
  • Steering lock system
  • Smart key system
  • USB Type-C Glove Box

The Honda PCX: Ecological

The Honda PCX features a 4.9L high capacity air filter that helps keep the environment fresh. The exhaust system has been redesigned and repositioned to better clean the exhaust gases. It allows good power for environmental protection.

The Honda PCX: an elegant look with a modest design

The Honda PCX is a standard scooter that has captured the minds of the general for its sleek style and design. The larger front disc and rear disc system make a good impression. The younger generation loves the PCX scooter for its well-designed and bright, eye-catching look.

And the PCX has cool varnish colors like jasmine pearl white, candy luster red, metallic galaxy black, metallic gray which can impress anyone.

The Honda PCX: Energy Efficiency

The Honda PCX has strong fuel efficiency with a fuel capacity of 8 liters. You can drive 100km by 2.5L for mixed city, highway or freeway. Therefore, the Honda PCX has good fuel economy. It has a fuel consumption display, speedometer, odometer, clock and trip meter that safely monitor the speed of your PCX.

The PCX also has a low battery voltage warning light and time indicator that alerts you to the percentage of fuel you are consuming.

The Honda PCX: lightened suspension

The updated styling of the Honda PCX is a chassis that aims to reduce weight, increase comfort and improve handling. A simple structured frame provides an easy ride and good performance, balancing weight reduction and firmness.

The Honda PCX also features a new form-thickness rear grab handle which plays a crucial role in reducing weight and improving passenger grip.

The Honda PCX: built-in quality

The Honda PCX uses high quality machine parts that ensure build quality reliability. It created a 30mm footpeg area in a favorable riding position for riders of different sizes.

The Honda PCX: better budget

The Honda PCX gives you reasonably priced reliability, which is most important when buying a new scooter. The predicted price range of the Honda PCX 125 is from $1122.13 to $1452.17. However, the price range may vary from country to country.

The Honda PCX: Warranty Policy

The Honda PCX is one of the best warranty industries. They give you the best warranty offers because they are so confident in the quality of every Genuine Honda PCX Accessory. So you can ensure the reliability of security.

Last words

The Honda PCX scooter has high reliability ratings with great features and smart choices. It has powerful driving performance and high engine output. It’s more enjoyable and reliable for daily commuting.

And the Honda PCX comes with classic and retro appearances. Therefore, adolescents and adults love to ride scooters in their style.

So you can reliably enjoy a happy ride on the Honda PCX! Let’s try!


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