Madhya Pradesh showroom owner turned vehicle thief arrested by police

In a shocking incident, Indore Police have arrested a vehicle thief, who previously owned a two-wheeler showroom by the name of Fine Motors.

Ajay, the accused, Ajay, was arrested by the police in Hira Nagar. He then made shocking revelations during interrogation.

Ajay said he opened a Honda bike showroom in 2013 after borrowing a large amount from the bank to finance it. Unfortunately, he fell into the trap of finance company Aara’s zero down payment program and was unable to repay the loan.

According to the accused, he sold 50 vehicles relying on the company’s zero deposit system which then fled without paying him the price of the vehicles.

The accused further informed the police that he was in deep debt due to this financial company fraud and even filed an FIR in 2017 but to no avail. Eventually, he had to close his showroom and resort to vehicle theft to make ends meet.

The defendant admitted to police that his financial situation was dire and that he had to take care of his two daughters and his father who had been battling cancer for a long time.

The man said his family’s debt was growing at an alarming rate and before he opened the showroom he worked as a mechanic. It was during this period that he learned to make master keys for Activa and Honda motorcycles. He informed that he quit his job as a mechanic in 2013 to become a showroom owner, Fine Motors.

According to the police, the accused would only target older models of Activa scooters since their locks were easier to break. The stolen Activas were then resold for Rs 15,000 to 20,000 by the accused.

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