Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month; Stay safe on the road

(WBNG) — “Look twice, save a life.”

It’s a motto used for years – reminding riders of the dangers of motorcycles on the road.

“Historically, what law enforcement has heard from the public during an unfortunate accident involving a motorcycle is, ‘I didn’t see them,'” said Captain Kate Newcomb of the Sheriff’s Office. Broome County.

Newcomb said that due to the size of the motorcycles, it is easy for a motorist to overlook them if they are not vigilant.

“So the motto has been ‘look twice, save a life’, and the underlying idea of ​​course is not just to look once, but to look twice and make sure it’s safe. to continue before you do,” Newcomb said.

Meanwhile, when it comes to motorcycles hitting the road, there are more precautions to take.

Harley-Davidson Rider trainer Kelly Parmeter said that includes wearing DOT-approved helmets and gear to avoid injuries like rashes.

“We really encourage everyone to wear all the gear all the time – we call it ‘ATGAT,'” Parmeter said. “This includes a helmet, gloves, long pants, motorcycle shoes and even hearing protection.”

Before each ride, Newcomb said riders are encouraged to inspect their bikes and complete a safety check.

“Make sure your tires have adequate air pressure, make sure the tread is good on the tires, and make sure the bike is in perfect working order. Then when you work, avoid the road hazards,” Newcomb said.

However, it all comes down to one thing for motorists and motorcyclists – taking those extra precautions to look twice and share the road.

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone considering getting a motorcycle license or riding a motorcycle in New York State to take a certified motorcycle safety course.

Riding lessons are also offered at Southern Tier Harley-Davidson.

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