No, these bikes slipping on the flyover were not caused by the Mumbai monsoon, the video is from Pakistan

A video of motorbikes sliding on a flyover is shared by citizens claiming it is from the Sanpada area of ​​Mumbai. In the viral video, motorcycles can be seen gliding over a flyover.

Mumbai’s rains are generally known to be very heavy and have caused flooding and accidents in the past. It’s also why the video of motorcycles sliding down a busy flyover is going viral with a believable claim. It is shared with captions claiming that these visuals are from Sanpada station in Navi Mumbai.

A Facebook user shared this video and wrote, “Today in sanpada new mumbai. Permanent failure of Maharashtra administration.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Today at Sanpada [email protected]

It is shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim. Click here, here and here to read.

To claim:

The viral video of bikes sliding on the flyover comes from Sanpada, Mumbai.

Fact check:

The Logical Indian Fact Check verified the claim and found it to be false. The viral video originated in Karachi, Pakistan and is being falsely shared from Mumbai, India.

We extracted different key images from the viral video and performed a reverse image search on Google. We found this video posted by multiple Twitter accounts, in which it purported to be from Karachi, Pakistan.

A Twitterati from Pakistan had posted the video on June 22 in response to a tweet asking to post photos and videos showing Karachi’s infrastructure.

In the viral video, about 5-6 seconds long, a Honda showroom (Drive In) is visible. Taking a hint from here we searched on Google Maps for Honda showrooms in Karachi and found a similar one near Rashid Minhas Road. We compared the photos from Google with the screenshot from the viral video and found the images to be visually identical. He established that the viral video originated from Karachi, Pakistan instead of Mumbai, Maharashtra as claimed in the viral video.

We searched the Urdu video on Google. This led us to a verified YouTube channel named ‘Capital TV’, where the video was posted on June 23. We translated the Urdu title of the video, which said in English, “Slippery after rain in Karachi, many motorcyclists crashed”.

Additionally, using specific keywords, we searched for media coverage reporting the incident of commuters slipping on the road. This led us to a report posted on a Pakistani website, Geo TV, June 23, 2022. The report contained the same video and mentioned that these accidents took place on June 22 due to slippery roads amid heavy rain and an unforeseen dust storm. According to the report, some runners were injured in the crash, but no casualties were reported.

Therefore, we can conclude that the viral video showing commuters slipping on a road is shared with a false claim from Mumbai, Maharashtra. However, the video was shot recently and is from Karachi, Pakistan.

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