The Royal Enfield Classic 500 modified by Eimor Customs is beautiful

Royal Enfield is currently one of the oldest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. They have a variety of retro and neo-retro designs in the portfolio. The manufacturer is now updating its lineup and as part of the transition has launched the 2021 Classic Series or next-gen motorcycle. The older generation of Classic motorcycles were available with the 350 cc and 500 cc variants. The 500cc version was withdrawn from the market. There are several examples of modified or customized Royal Enfield motorcycles in India and around the world. Here we have such a Classic 500 motorcycle which has been carefully modified by Eimor Customs.

The images were shared by Eimor Customs on their Facebook page. The motorbike has been completely transformed into a cruising motorbike. The design appears to be inspired by a Harley Davidson motorcycle from some angles. Speaking of the changes, the first thing one would notice about this bike is the paint job. It gets a wine red tint on the body panels and the other parts are painted matte black.

Eimor Customs' bespoke Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks stylish

The front receives steel rims but they are now painted black. The wheels are wrapped in large 18 inch tires. The motorcycle receives custom fenders and the motorcycle’s original headlights have been replaced with an aftermarket LED headlamp unit. The motorcycle’s instrument cluster has been removed. The original handlebars have been replaced with an aftermarket unit.

Eimor Customs' bespoke Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks stylish

Spare turn signals have been fitted to the front forks. The motorcycle’s fuel tank has also been customized. It gets a different teardrop design from the original unit and the tank placement is also slightly different. The design of the fuel tank is such that it tilts down and meets the seat.

Eimor Customs' bespoke Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks stylish

The bike gets a bespoke saddle.The placement of the fuel tank is high and this creates the illusion that the ride height of the bike has been lowered. The one-piece saddle is stylish and blends well with the overall design of the bike. The side panels are painted in a wine red tint. The engine crankcase which is normally finished in chrome has all been blackened out.

Eimor Customs' bespoke Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks stylish

The brake and clutch lever are also aftermarket units. The rider’s footrests have been repositioned to provide a more relaxed riding position. The original tailpipe was also replaced with a completely black aftermarket unit. As we move to the rear, the passenger receives a tailor-made backrest. The bike also receives tailor-made rear fenders. The tail light is an LED strip which is placed on the tip of the fender and the LED turn signals are mounted on the metal bracket for the passenger backrest.

Eimor Customs' bespoke Royal Enfield Classic 500 looks stylish

The license plate is placed under the fender, and part of the large, bulky tire is exposed from the rear. It appears that no changes were made to the bike’s suspension setup. No modifications were made to the motorcycle engine. If anyone would like to customize their Royal Enfield motorcycles, you can contact Hyderbad-based Eimor Customs by clicking here.

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