The Yamaha MT-15 2.0 packs a punch!

Published: updated on – 23:47, Tue – 5 Jul 22

The Yamaha MT-15 2.0 packs a punch!

The Yamaha MT-15 2.0 looks great and comes with improvements, upgrades and some visible cosmetic changes. — Photo: Anand Dharma

Hyderabad: Are you looking for a stylish, powerful and affordable motorcycle with promising performance? Look no further! Because the upgraded version of the MT 15 2.0 is here and fits the bill perfectly.

The Yamaha MT-15 2.0 looks great and comes with improvements, upgrades and some visible cosmetic changes. Its new colors and golden inverted fork are sure to attract attention. Its exhaust note, like any other Yamaha, is music to my ears. The particular “whoosh” of the MT-15 2.0 might be its USP, I think.

Getting into the specifics… Yamaha scores big on style and ride quality.

Styling: Yamaha is popular for making some of the best looking motorcycles of all time and their new MT-15 2.0 offering is another feather in their cap. The smallest of all MTs, the 15 2.0 takes inspiration from its older sibling MT 09. The insect-inspired headlight, chiseled fuel tank and theme-specific alloy wheels give bikes in the same segment a run for their silver.

Ride quality: The motorcycle is fun to ride. It’s young and refreshing; its upright position ensures a comfortable driving position. Bumper-to-bumper city traffic, on the MT 15 2.0, doesn’t look quite as bad considering its weight and size. It’s nimble, weaving through traffic well, thanks to its torque and light clutch (which I’m a big fan of). The bike also corners well, thanks to the MotoGP-inspired aluminum swingarm, which provides added stability while pushing the limits. Braking, assisted by ABS, is lively and responds very well. However, the suspension is a bit stiffer and could be a bit more spongy for my liking.

Yamaha engines never disappoint

With the legendary RD 350 and RX 100, Yamaha engines have a lot going for them and they never disappoint. The MT-15 2.0, powered by a liquid-cooled 155CC, SOHC, four-valve engine, is mated to a smooth-shifting six-speed gearbox with an assist and slipper clutch. It produces 18.4 PS of peak torque at 10,000 rpm, while it hits its sweetest point at 14.1 NM of torque at 7,500 rpm.

High technology

The all-digital LCD cluster is loaded with features such as call, email, SMS alerts as well as smartphone battery status when connected to the “Y Connect” Bluetooth app, which also contains information on maintenance recommendations, fuel consumption, etc. .

The MT-15 2.0 is one of the sportiest and best looking 150cc bikes. It could be a good first bike and its youth appeals largely to younger riders. Beginner riders looking to gradually transition to heavier bikes will have a blast on the MT-15 2.0. All in all, it may not seem like much, but it packs a punch. So, keep the rubber side down!

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