This Harley-Davidson Forty Eight Lookalike is actually a modified TVS XL100

The TVS XL 100 is currently the only moped available in the Indian market, and is an extremely popular and reliable two-wheeler for its price.

If it’s not obvious when you take a look, this motorcycle is not actually a real Harley-Davidson motorcycle. While you could be fooled for a second, there’s no way you can’t help but realize that something is wrong when you look at the size of this custom Harley-Davidson Forty Eight. Well that’s because hiding under the skin of that yellow Harley motorcycle is actually a TVS XL moped.

Make no mistake, the TVS XL 100 is extremely reliable, efficient, economical and economical. The ease of driving makes it a very popular two-wheeler in the Indian market, as well as abroad. But it seems Rakesh Babu had a vision to create something different with the moped.

On his YouTube channel named custom sudus, he uploaded a video showing the assembly of the new custom parts, as well as a presentation of the bike. Take a look at the video –

The modification is really commendable, and apart from its size it has a lot of similarities to a real Harley-Davidson. Almost all body parts are custom built by the modifier. The moped receives a yellow fuel tank with the Harley-Davidson and Forty Eight markings. It is a bolt-on unit that can be installed or removed easily.

However, since the TVS XL does not have actual body panels, there is a huge gap between the fuel tank and the engine. The engine features a custom fiberglass housing that encloses the same 100cc single-cylinder engine, but is shaped like a V-twin engine, similar to that of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Modified TVS XL100-2

Apart from that, the modifier also fitted the moped with a dual exhaust setup with bespoke mufflers (only one is functional). The new front and rear fenders are handcrafted. The round headlight with the chrome bezel, large turn signals and mono-pod dashboard were all carried over as is. No changes have been made to the 99.7cc four-stroke engine either, and it continues to produce 4.3 hp and 6.5 Nm of torque.

Photo credit: Personalized Sudos

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