What is your $ 250,000 range for Motorcycle Fantasy Garage?

An all-new Porsche 911 GT3 Touring will set you back around US $ 200,000 (~ $ 250,000 Canadian) initially. That is to say lots of cheddar even for this beautiful piece of German automotive engineering.

I certainly appreciate the wonderful collection of performance, power and luxury that this beautiful automobile offers… but there is NO WAY I buy it instead of the two-wheeled arsenal that could be put together for the same amount of dinner.

Credit: Photo by Porsche

I mentioned this recently during a heated discussion that erupted within the Powersports team of writers, reviewers, managers and vehicle enthusiasts who make up the A07 Online Media team. This group produces content on wBW and several other major sites. This has led several members to create detailed lists of their dream vehicles.

Here is the one I made (in Canadian dollars) to fill my garage with fantastic motorcycles.

BMW R nine T Urban GS (approx. $ 15,000)

BMW R nineT Urban GS
Photo credit: Jorre Walker (kijiji ad)

I’ve been coveting this small, lightweight motorcycle with the legendary BMW boxer engine for ages. The R Nine T Urban GS with its shaft drive and lace-up rims calls me out on its own, but I allocated an additional $ 10,000 (bringing the actual total to around $ 25,000) for this purchase in order to add a bespoke, swiveling sidecar that is quickly detachable. I know a skilled craftsman who builds them.

This bike in the photo is for sale right now just 45 minutes from my home. It takes a lot of willpower not to go out and buy it even without the imaginary budget of a luxury car.

Husqvarna Norden 901 (around $ 25,000 to $ 30,000?)

Husqvarna Norden 901
Credit: Husqvarna

No one really knows the price or specs of the Norden 901 which hasn’t been released yet, but from my experience owning the KTM 790 Adventure, I know I want it. In my opinion, it will be the best adventure bike on the market if Husky has it right.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S (approx. $ 28,000)

2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S
Photograph by Stephen Gregory

Of all the nude sports bikes, this Italian beauty does it the most for me. The sound of the V4 engine combined with the dashing beauty is easy to love. I was briefly tempted by the Aprilia Tuono, but in the end the Duke gets the nod with a few thousand more dollars to put the Akra exhaust on it. Here is a link to my local Ducati dealer (Blackfoot Motosports) who has this one for sale right now.

Damon Hypersport HS (approximately $ 30,000)

Damon Hypersport HS
Credit: Damon Motorcycles

A 200 horsepower electric motorcycle with a range of 200 miles, a transformable riding position, and onboard collision detection technology that uses an AI computer system to manage it. I didn’t go for the much more expensive Premier model because they are all pre-sold and I don’t have to go that far.

If that’s not enough, it’s made in Canada… I’m sold! Damon hasn’t actually delivered a single of their bikes to a customer at the time of this writing, but it is coming soon. If you’re quick, you can book yours here.

Suzuki RG500 Gamma (approximately $ 30,000)

Suzuki RG500 Gamma
Photo credit motophotooftheday.com

The 500 Gamma is a legendary motorcycle from the 1980s with a powerful two-stroke four-cylinder engine that runs on the fear it induces in its rider… and a little mixed gasoline.

Would I pay more than $ 30,000 for a motorcycle that’s almost 40 years old? I would for this one with a lot of other people.

Honda VFR750R RC30 (approximately $ 53,000)

Honda VFR750R RC30
Photo credit: Honda VRF750R RC30

The Gamma is a steal compared to the iconic Honda RC30. It might be the open rear wheel design or the flashy paint job, but this V4 powered road racer is just what my inner wild child needs to feel complete.

If I had to put the RC30 away AND the Gamma 500 in my garage at the same time, I think the two powerful auras could cataclysmically collide to create a supernova or tear apart the space-time continuum.

Triumph Thruxton R (approx. $ 11,000 to $ 12,000)

2016 Triumph Thruxton R
Credit: Triomphe

The Triumph Thruxton R is nothing special when it comes to cafe racer motorcycles. It only has a 1,200cc inline-twin engine, with two Ohlins rear shocks, a gold-tone Showa front fork and Brembo brakes paired with the poise and style of a British gentleman… Ok, that may be. -be a little special, eh? A distinguished motorcycle for those days when I must look a little more dapper than dusty.

I promise I won’t take this one off the sidewalk. It will be my “pretty bike”. I need a cafe racer in my life and this is it. And as luck would have it, there is one for sale nearby. Well done.

Honda CRF450L (approximately $ 10,000)

2019 Honda CRF450L

There are many exceptional bisport bikes that I could have chosen, but the 2019 Honda CRF450L and I immediately hooked when I reviewed it a few years ago.

Feels right at home for lack of a better word, although I would definitely try to unclog it after some time spent enjoying its original setup. It would be my choice to play in the dirt more seriously than aboard the Norden.

Triumph Rocket 3 GT (around $ 30,000)

2021 Triumph Rocket 3 GT
Credit: Triomphe

2500 cubic centimeters is the largest production motorcycle engine currently on the market. That alone makes me drool over the Rocket 3 GT without even mentioning the power and technology that this bike offers.

I almost chose the Honda Goldwing DCT or some other large and comfortable touring bike for the latter, but Triumph built the Rocket 3 GT to be a touring machine too. It might not have the cozy comfort of the Wing, but it would entertain me a lot more on long trips.

There is no replacement for displacement.

And you?

These are my choices, not yours, but we also want to hear about your choices! Would you like to turn your garage into a motorcycle dealership like I did or limit yourself to a few high end beauties? Make your list and tell us why you followed your US $ 200,000 budget.

Leave us a comment below with your choices. We will have fun reading all about your love for the Honda CBX1000 or the Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4. Arc KRGT-1? Norton Commando?

We will choose a winner!

Contest closes at noon EST on July 30, 2021. We’ll announce the winner via our newsletter (Behind the Visor, which you are fully subscribed to, right?).
It’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, but after reading all the lists we will meet again as a team here at A07 Online to choose the best / most interesting list. Be creative, thoughtful, or even silly with your choices. You never know which combination of machines will get the team vote and earn you gift certificates as well as bragging rights.

We will give the winner $ 1,000 in Revzilla gift certificates! It might not buy you all of the bikes you’ve chosen, but you can definitely afford something good for the one you have.

May the “best” list win!

– Jim

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