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Yamaha has launched the new PWseries S2 drive unit and the new Display B.

Developed with the philosophy that “less is more”, the PWseries S2 drive unit is lighter and more powerful than the PWseries ST, launched in 2018.

The new PWseries S2, built on the strengths of the PWseries ST, elevates the riding experience to “another level”, making this versatile drive unit suitable for everything from commuting and general daily use to country trekking, weekend hikes and mountain trails. horse riding.

Producing a maximum torque of 75Nm, the new compact PWseries S2 drive unit is over 7% more powerful than the PWseries ST, and weight has been reduced to 2.85kg, 16% less than the previous design .

The new unit’s reduced dimensions give e-bike manufacturers even greater freedom to produce next-generation frame designs, Yamaha said, with features such as increased ground clearance for better performance in the terrain. techniques.

The 20% more compact PWseries S2 layout also allows bike manufacturers to develop idealized frame designs with shorter seatstays that can potentially increase overall stiffness to give better handling and rear wheel traction.

PWseries S2 Key Features:
– New model for 2023
– Lighter, smaller and more powerful than the PWseries ST
– Universal sport and trail applications
– Smooth and natural acceleration
– Increased max torque by 75 Nm
– Weight of 2.85 Kg – 0.5 Kg (16%) less than PWseries ST
– Higher torque to weight ratio
– New ISIS bottom bracket interface
– 22.8 mm shorter bottom bracket
– Yamaha Zero Cadence technology for instant assistance
– Automatic assistance mode – for an easy and intuitive e-bike
– Reliable maintenance-free design

Complementing the new PWseries S2 drive unit is the new B-Display, a user interface designed to provide accessible information with ease of use.

It’s the “perfect partner” for the new PWseries S2 drive unit, Yamaha says, and features a range of hand-picked features that give the rider key feedback. The 3 inch LCD meter displays large format information in English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

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Display B is a “turn on and start” system that saves settings previously selected by the user, such as driver assistance mode or light status (on/off). The central UI location frees up handlebar space for a smartphone holder and allows power via a 1A micro-B USB port.

Screen B key features:
– 3 inch LCD screen
– The clock
– Ready-to-use design
– Key information in large format
– Stores settings when system shuts down
– One-touch deletion
– Smartphone-friendly design

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